Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

By following some simple tips, and by learning the basics of vehicle maintenance, you can help keep your car healthy and happy for years to come.

Drive with Care Everyday

Be considerate to your car even when you stop calling it ‘new.’ Drive everyday with care and your car can go longer without repair. Be sure to: not race, or accelerate quickly, do not let your car ‘warm up’ in the drive way and avoid potholes curbs and stopping or 4turning too fast.

Don’t Fill Up by a Tanker

If you see a gasoline tanker re-filling your local gas station, drive away! Find another place to fill up or come back later. As underground tanks are filled, sediments are often stirred up and can be pulled up into your car and clog fuel filters and injectors.

Keep the Caps on

Flat tire? Tire valve caps keep out dirt and moisture that can cause leaks, so be sure to keep caps on all of your tires. Also, remember when you get new tires to make sure they come with the valves on.

At Metti International Vehicle Transporters, we know how to care for all kinds of vehicles, and we specialize in auto transportation, car shipping and vehicle transportation. If you’re in need of vehicle transportation of any sort, give us a call today.


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3 Ways to Get Cheap Cars!

Lead Ads: If you see a car in an advertisement at a price you like, you can get it if you hurry. There is usually only one so check the VIN number in the ad to get the best deal!

Police Auction: If you don’t mind a car with some history a police auction is a great place to score a good deal.

Purchase Abroad: Many 3rd world countries have cars available at incredibly low prices. With the help of an automotive transporter such as Metti International Vehicle Transporter you can get your ride home safely and easily.

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Running an Auto Dealership:


Running an auto dealership takes a lot of work from managing the lot to making sure that you keep a full selection of cars in stock.

The best way to run an auto dealership is to delegate the variety of tasks to different people in your workforce.

Allow one person to manage the physical lot, another person to keep track of the sales team, and all the while you keep track of each assigned task.

This also includes taking the responsibility of transporting cars to the lot.

You can transport cars to your dealership from across the country with


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Moving Your Cars Across the Country:


You and your family are moving across the country and need to move all of your stuff, even your cars. Moving your cars across the country can seem incredibly complicated.

Do you tow them yourself? Do you drive each car to your home?

These two are simply out of the question, it is vital to hire a car transportation service to move your cars. A car transportation service will safely and effectively carry your cars across the country.

For the best car transportation service contact to help you move your cars to your new home.

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Best Tips for Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas


Verify that the car shipping company is registered with Domestic Auto Transport and Federal Maritime Commission. 2. Make sure the shipper has insurance liability matching the value of your vehicle or above. 3. Make sure you get a shipping quote in writing that includes the origin, destination, and services. 4. Make sure you are able to get all of your questions answered. If you are unable to get the specifics you should look for another shipping company willing to share that information. If you need your car transported domestically or internationally visit


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Tips for Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

3-26-2014 11-13-48 AMGood News! There are reliable auto transport companies that can successfully ship your car overseas safely. Shipping a vehicle overseas isn’t much different than shipping from state to state, but there are some special steps to take:
• Remember your paperwork- You will need notarized copies of your car title as well as the paperwork provided by the shipping company
• Insurance- Make sure the shipping company provides insurance
• Inspection- Have your car inspected on the inside and outside in order to ensure it is in good running order before departure
• Photos- Take pictures of the car on all sides before departure incase damage is done
For the safest overseas and state to state vehicle shipping visit us at

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